Our floral and plant photographs are exquisite for their detail and definition, with attention being specifically paid to the intricate details of the plant itself.


Our wildlife photographs have been captured in their natural environment, with a lot of patience, and we have ensured that we do not disturb neither the animals nor their surroundings, whilst ensuring that we capture the moment perfectly.


Love more than one of our photographs, unsure which to decide upon? Why not take a look at our collections and see which one catches your eyes! Our collections are wide in variety, and can be chosen either for their location, flora or wildlife.


Our collections are based on either plant or animal types, or location. Each photograph for the collection is carefully selected to ensure that only the absolute best form part of our collections.

Individual photographs

Our individual photographs are taken with a lot of patience and attention to detail. We always ensure that we never disturb the surrounding environment, and that we do not disturb the wildlife we photograph in any way, shape or form.


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