About Us

Our Philosophy

Here at Robin & Rose Photography we have a love for the environment, and for nature itself. We aim to be able to show the natural beauty that surrounds us and capture those moments of natural beauty, that takes our breath away.

All our photographs are taken in the natural habitats of these fauna, florae and wildlife, and we ensure that we capture our photographs in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

Nature and wildlife are at their best when appreciated in their natural surrounding, and this is what we aim and strive for here at Robin & Rose photography

Our Story

The natural world has always amazed us, and our start came across in some rather humble roots. For years we used to appreciate the fauna that surrounded us, but it was not until we photographed a single yellow Rose that we found our inspiration.

That yellow Rose was an eye opener for us, it became the symbol of everything that we wished to convey here at Robin & Rose Photography. That Rose opened our eyes to the beauty that we had passed by so many times, but often missed.

This is what brought us to where we are today, we pride ourselves on capturing the hidden beauty in the fauna that surrounds us, that we often take for granted and miss, and to convey it in the way it's own environment.